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Bitcoin Press Release:  Solareum is pleased to announce their upcoming platform which will utilize blockchain technology and will provide cryptocurrency enthusiasts a marketplace where green energy consumption pays the user. Solareum the Amazon of Solar and Renewables.

Welcome to the Solareum Marketplace, where you don’t pay for energy: energy pays you.  

April 17 2018. Lichtenstein :   Solareum is pleased to announce their live website and platform that will enable the everyday cryptocurrency user to buy renewable products and claim back tokens for using a renewable source of energy. Solareum aims to be a major service provider, providing a secure marketplace for users to transact with each other on the blockchain.

Solareum’s core mission is to ensure that it is today’s “Amazon of Renewables” for individual and corporate consumers alike–and with a guest presentation at the United Nations Youth Assembly this past February from our CEO, Kenneth Reece, Solareum has also proven its commitment to tomorrow.

Solareum technology will utilize ethereum smart contracts, this leaves for a completely dynamic, transparent and decentralized service provider. Solareum will be serving the community in the renewable sector and will be the first to be backed by the major renewable companies and contractors in its sector.

If you are a business, open up your services and products to the world. If you are a customer, price shop, and use Solareum to make the prices drop.

Doing Well by Doing Good

Solareum was founded with a key, essential, but-simple proposition: to connect the world with renewable resources at the touch of a button.The Solareum ethos to enable a platform which will offer a P2P and B2B marketplace for the exchange between renewable companies and the community. Solareum will also offer the industry standard of ensuring that the principles of anonymity are upheld by all involved during the sale period.

The Solareum team have been working day and night, developing new innovations for the platform. The Solareum platform will allow the user to choose a solar provider worldwide, and have it installed. The Solareum mission is to be the Amazon of the renewable industry. Striving to educate, progress and develop the future of the energy of the planet .

Solareum is backed by a wholly managed investment fund, based on the leading cryptocurrencies. This will enable users to invest without the industry-wide problem of when to buy or to sell. Additionally, Solareum will offer debit card integration, this major feature plays a vital role in the Solareum ecosystem, giving users a choice of a number of service providers to choose from to spend their cryptocurrency easily.

Solareum’s Native Token the SLRM  

The native ERC20 token is available to buy directly from the website, at the cost of 0.70 USD per SLRM. The Solareum team aims to raise a hard cap of  42.2 million USD in honor of Earth day, which is 4/22 . The team’s technical finance analyst forecasts the market cap to be circa 100,000,000 USD by the end of 2018.

The Solareum platform will allow the user to purchase the native SLRM token with over 10 different cryptocurrencies, making it the most multi-functional and dynamic platform to buy tokens in the world.

Solareum is constantly readjusting the exchange rates for the token, due to the natural volatility of the market.



The Solareum Team

CEO & Founder, Ken Reece has had a dynamic career in the renewable energy sector, Ken is passionate about covering the topics of climate change and the global impact it has on the earth. Ken has been invited to be the Moderator and Speaker at this year’s United Nations summit.

CMO & Founder Justin Lally and also a Venture Capitalist Investor, Justin has been in the cryptocurrency market for many years, with a number of successful companies under his belt, and has launched numerous cryptocurrency projects.

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