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Industries across the world are working particularly hard to implement blockchain and cryptocurrency into their business models; in traditional and e-commerce industries, retailers and merchants are eagerly awaiting a secure and accessible cryptocurrency payment system.

The Modern Way to Pay

Ease of access and security are high on the priority list for merchants seeking to accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments; though touted as the next dominant currency, especially in emerging and developing countries, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are still coming up against significant walls in their march toward mainstream mass-adoption.

The technology is certainly still in its early stages, and market volatility makes keeping on top of the transactions and market value a whole other facet of any business, which most likely requires at least one at least employee to oversee.

Smaller businesses may be missing out because of the factors as mentioned above, but this hasn’t deterred an increase of consumers using bitcoin on merchant services; in 2017 the monthly average was $190.2 million, a gigantic leap from 2013 where the monthly average was at $9.8 million.

UTRUST Meets Gambio

In a bid to bring cryptocurrency merchant services into the mainstream, a valuable partnership has been struck in Europe between UTRUST, a cryptocurrency payments platform, and Gambio, an all-in-one e-commerce-solution that services more than 25,000 small and large retailers.

UTRUST is building a global PayPal-like payments platform that is the first of its kind to implement consumer protections on a mass scale. The end-game of the UTRUST vision is to deliver a legitimately fast, secure, convenient and cost-effective means for consumers to make purchases with cryptocurrencies.

Gambio is one of the leading e-commerce software suppliers in Germany with global reach; the Gambio shop solution is designed to support e-commerce startups as well as larger more established merchants who have complex requirements.

The partnership between them is somewhat of a match made in heaven; UTRUST CEO Nuno Correia commented on what he believes the partnership means for the future of mass scale blockchain payments:

This partnership is another huge step forward, bringing cryptocurrency payments to real consumers. Today, together with Gambio, UTRUST is once again making history. Blockchain startups should focus on partnerships with real businesses, real customers, and real use-cases. That is what is needed now, more than ever, for mainstream adoption.”

Mass Adoption for Consumers and Merchants

The strategic partnership means that UTRUST will be entering Europe’s largest economy, with Gambio reporting billions in annual revenue; commencing in September, the partnership will allow over 25,000 merchants to effortlessly and securely adopt cryptocurrency payments into their business.

The announcement carries broader implications for the entire blockchain industry and community; through this partnership, the total number of merchants accepting cryptocurrency payments has now increased to approximately 100,000 worldwide.

It’s about time that serious and productive partnerships are made between emerging blockchain companies and world-leading companies across all industries; they carry significant implications for the future of the technology and how consumers and retailers interact with cryptocurrencies at large.  

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