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Trinity Protocol announced it will establish cooperation with HyperDragons with an aim to fulfill their promises, that is, to increase awareness of the potential of tokenomics among users and build a state-of-the-art VR platform for blockchain games.

HyperDragons is a digital collectible developed on Ethereum smart contracts. Users can buy and sell dragons with ethers. Each dragon is unique with adorable or cool appearance and unique value for collection. Also, users can train their dragons to be stronger by having them battle with others, which makes this digital collectible valuable for collection.

Game apps on HyperDragons will integrate Trinity state channels protocol which will provide computing solutions to the development of blockchain games on HyperDragons through state channels technology. Through in-depth cooperation with the Trinity development team which aims to achieve scalability through an off-chain data network, the ecosystem of HyperDragons will be more secure, and process more information with higher efficiency without causing huge costs on-chain.

Trinity has always been finding scaling solutions by using state channels technology to achieve high throughput and low cost off-chain transactions. In the past 3 months, Trinity has released its open beta and cross-chain asset converter, which are significant landmarks. In the future, Trinity Protocol will not only serve the Neo ecosystem, but also bring brand new scaling and computing solutions to other public chains.  

The two parties will cooperate in more areas, such as brand promotion, operation and marketing, and blockchain technology. With the support in R&D and operation & marketing from Trinity Protocol and the influence of HyperDragons in the blockchain VR industry, the two will support each other to promote the blockchain gaming industry, advance technical progress, and lead the construction of blockchain ecosystem.

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