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Ahead of its groundbreaking modular Core V2 launch, ARK, the decentralized blockchain solutions platform, has announced the sponsorship of one of the world’s largest blockchain conference, Consensus 2018. The sponsorship marks ARK’s commitment to propagating blockchain solutions into the mainstream industry and simplifying the development of these solutions through its revolutionary cross-platform blockchain.

Platform-Agnostic Blockchain

ARK not only continues to push the envelope on what the blockchain is capable of, but has broken new grounds in fixing the most critical shortcomings of the technology today; interoperability. With so many blockchain solutions out there offering a myriad of features and functions, finding a single blockchain to cater to all needs is one of the biggest challenges facing developers.

ARK gives developers, users, and blockchain startups the ability to communicate across platforms and blockchains through its smartbridge technology. Smartbridge enables users from one blockchain with their native tokens, to set off an event on another blockchain. The all-encompassing blockchain is a one-click, one-stop shop solution for the development and deployment of decentralized projects. Business and individuals can easily clone ARK’s blockchain to build their own own pre-compatible chain.

ARK utilizes two different chains for interoperability. The second chain is always listening for triggers from the first and as soon as one is sent, ARK immediately transfers the information to the other chain for execution.

Already, ARK has developed working models for cross-chain communication with Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin blockchains. ARK blockchain have also been rebuilt to ensure maximum compatibility with the whole ecosystem, providing users with cross-platform wallets for both iOS, Android, and Desktop devices as well as compatibility with Ledger Hardware wallets.

Ark At Consensus 2018

The fourth annual meeting of blockchain experts, companies, and enthusiasts will be held at Hilton Midtown, New York City, from the 14th to the 16th May. Tagged Consensus 2018, the three days long event will host more than 250 experts providing various discuss on all aspects of blockchain technology to a crowd of more than 5000 people from various backgrounds including; academicians, industry startups, tech leaders, financial institutions, and venture capital.

ARK will be mounting a dedicated booth for the event and a private room where developers can have one-on-one consultations with interested parties. ARK team will be delivering technical presentations throughout the event, focusing on the revolutionary features it will be unleashing on the industry. There will also be presentations the co-founders.

ARK will be holding its presentations at booth #113

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