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Data platform has announced its latest strategic partnership with leading marketing and analytics data compiler and supplier Media Direct, Inc. This announcement comes weeks before its public token sale event scheduled for May 24th, 2018.

DataBlockChain LTD has already successfully merged its proprietary data with many of the largest databases in the world, from governments to industry specific data such as voting records, business to business data, property and credit bureaus.

As part of the new collaboration, Media Direct, Inc, along with its subsidiaries, have already committed to contributing over 3 billion records to’s marketplace, ensuring an immediate inflowing of data from a range of industries and businesses, including automotive, consumer, digital, political and property data.

Blockchain-based, AI enhanced proposes to be the first virtual data marketplace to use artificial intelligence (AI) to supplement blockchain innovations. By giving a consortium of data suppliers access to the best data available directly on the blockchain, this eliminates intermediaries and removes layers of inefficiencies in current data ecosystems, leading to a democratization of big data.

This results in simple data access for clients in a cost-effective and transparent manner, to collect what they need without paying for unnecessary data.’s chief marketing officer Adam Mittelberg revealed that the startup was looking to build more such meaningful partnerships in the coming months as part of its data acquisition strategy. He believed that the new alliance with Media Direct brings its ambitions much closer to achievement:

I am confident we will not only be the most efficient and economical source for marketers in the coming months but one of the largest as well. Today we officially took a big step in that direction.”

Media Direct, Inc president Michael Richmond was equally upbeat about the collaboration, saying that the move fits with the company’s aim to remain ahead as a leader in its industry by embracing technological advances:

I am a real believer that Blockchain represents the future of Digital Data. I have always believed when you deliver better data more efficiently everybody wins, and I am looking forward to the success of this project.”

His sentiments were echoed by’s chief technology officer, Jesse Brown, who also shared that they were approaching completion of a minimum viable product (MVP) and to be able to already start with a vast amount of datasets puts them ahead of existing markets, thanks to Media Direct.

He added that the platform would provide a robust interface between users and data sources, creating a turnkey solution that does away with the need for multiple data vendors and layers of brokers and list managers – creating a more efficient marketplace:

The backend systems will ensure full confidence in data quality for the end user as well as transactional finality for the data providers.”

To learn more, visit the website and read the official whitepaper. To connect with the team, join the official Telegram channel or follow them on Twitter. For more insight, read the blog on Medium.


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