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With the speedy pace of advancement in the cryptocurrency world, it’s no doubting that blockchain technology is convincing many people to shift gear from their usual traditional fiat-biased monetary system to blockchain monetary system.

Discovering reliable and trustworthy ‘cryptocurrency exchanges’ that could meet-up with the trending requirement for modern day trading has long been a major challenge faced by so many existing crypto owners and investors.

While traders level of trust on cryptocurrency exchanges in the world are exponentially decreasing due to consistent hackers attack, outrageous commission trading fee and so on; have it in mind that the golden solution is at your door-step, Loandex.

Loandex is a new blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange platform dedicated to provide cryptotraders with a unique high-frequency trading exchange at zero trading fees and to maximize traders profit and liquidity. Interestingly, Loandex is currently running an initial coin offering (ICO) pre-sales for its LDX token. The company states that LoanDEX Token will be the only currency that will be accepted for payment for all services rendered on their platform. In fact, Loandex is no doubt a new generation decentralized exchange for trading cryptocurrencies.

Why do you need to choose Loandex for trading cryptocurrencies?

Loandex ensures your maximum safety and secures your Identity:

With loandex, you no longer have to worry about protecting your cryptocurrency exchange account because the domain is secured by SSL security.  Meanwhile, you have to be conscious of phishing sites ( as it’s a strategic medium used by hackers to have access to your accounts), and always make sure that you begin with the format ‘https://’— It’s a secured edition. Additionally, Loandex reinforces its user account security by implementing a Two Factor Authentication (2FA) where users simply get a non-reusable OTP.

Loandex Provides 24*7 customer support services:

You can always count on Loandex’s 24*7 customer support services as they have standby expert to guide you through. In fact, once a query is received, they’ll reach out to you in less than 24 hours. The company states that their main goal has always been to satisfy their customers with the best services.

Loandex is a decentralized Cryptocurrencies exchange platform:

At Loandex, governance is usually carried off from the decentralized entities. This simply means that you don’t have to put trust on to each other for there is no third party involved.

The Loandex exchange platform is being managed by elite team members:

You don’t need to worry over the management of this exchange, for it has a good team of advisors and developers working together to keep Loandex running smoothly.

Loandex solves the issues of high trading fee and difficulties in real-time trading:

High trading fees is one of the existing challenges with many cryptocurrency exchanges today, but Loandex has seamlessly solved this mystery. Loandex is a unique kind of cryptocurrency exchange designed to facilitate trades and commission at ZERO fees. In fact, the features of ZERO fees aims at both maximizing the profits of traders and increasing market liquidity. Additionally, this platform is also capable of processing orders at faster rates — reaching out more than a million every second. It also provides true platform for real-time and efficient trading, hereby, eliminating delays in the executions of orders.

Loandex provides multi-language support for international reach:

Unlike any other cryptocurrency exchange platform, Loandex provides multi-language facilities for crypto traders all around the globe. In other words, Loandex seamlessly solve any language barrier between traders and the exchange platform. So, if you’re a trader from a non native English speaking country, worry less. The Loadex’s multi-language support program provides you with an option to select your preferred language; once you select any language, the entire system automatically changes to the selected language.

Note: Loandex is a decentralized exchange that requires no Know Your Customer (KYC). Also, all users balances will be held by a decentralized smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. This is to prevent loss of funds in the event of system breakdown.

Open for participation:

Loandex’s power servers can seamlessly handle more than 120 million visitors monthly since there is no room of downtime. According to the company, its pre-ICO sales are ongoing. To read more about Loandex’s ‘Burning Program’ and request for participation, kindly visit their website for further information.

Purchase: LDX

Presales Dates: Starts 7th May and ends 28th May

Main sales Dates: Starts 4th June 2018

Token Price, pre-ICO sales, Dollars: $0.01 per LDX (this phase will last only for 21 days)

Token Price, ICO sales, Dollars: $ 0.02 per LDX

ICO Structure: A total of 1.0 billion LDX token (1,000,000,000) will be available during ICO sales.

Tokens for sales(70%): 700,000,000

Company site:


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