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Currently in the end of its ICO, the alt-telecom ecosystem Bubbletone has joined forces with DeHedge to offer protection against potential cancellations of token sales. The two companies have signed a contract for the equivalent of $1 million in Bubbletone’s UMT tokens; this is the first time in crypto history that a fintech company has offered 100% hedging for a project. It is hoped that such initiatives will bring greater peace of mind to large players in traditional money markets and encourage them to become more active in crypto space.

Bubbletone uses the blockchain to allow mobile network operators, phone users and service providers to interact directly. Its popular roaming mobile and messenger app will offer a low-cost and value-added alternative to international roaming, by allowing travelers to connect to networks in the countries they visit at local rates, without switching out SIMs. Testing of the concept is already underway in Europe and the United States.

DeHedge is the first decentralized risk-hedging platform for blockchain projects. The company secures purchases in ICOs and cryptocurrencies against certain risks, scams, and project cancellations.

This means that now buyers of Bubbletone tokens will be able to additionally ensure that their holdings will not be completely lost should an ICO suddenly fail or be cancelled. DeHedge is undertaking to cover such losses, and the payments to ETH wallets are guaranteed by a smart contract.

Bubbletone founder and CEO Yury Morozov sees this partnership as a vote of confidence in his company’s ICO: “We see this as a huge step towards the future, and we’re honored that the DeHedge expert committee has assessed our project so highly.”

For his part, DeHedge CEO Mikhail Chernov cited the potential social value of the Bubbletone project, which provides extremely attractive services to consumers, while DeHedge protects their interests in case a project is cancelled for any reason.

In many ways, it seems like a safe choice for a first step: ICORating has assigned a “Positive” rating to the universal mobile tokens (UMTs) on offer in Bubbletone’s ICO, while TrackICO, ICObench and wiserICO have also rated the company very highly.

Bubbletone’s initial coin offering began on March 20 with a token price of ETH 1 for 4,000 UMT, and a hard cap of USD 15,000,000, and will continue until June 15.


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