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SME Banking Platform is designed to empower micro and small businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals in Sub-Saharan Africa with the financial services and digital technology they require to start and grow their businesses.

SME Banking Platform (SME Platform) has released the android version of its wallet to enable the easy holding and transfer of its token (SME). Even though this wallet aids easy handling and transfer of SME tokens, it is built to facilitate our loyalty management system which is being developed by the Project among several other initiatives under the SME Platform umbrella.

We have also released an updated version of our Project Roadmap with some interesting new additions especially the ongoing work on our mobile money savings app that is being designed to help people save money and manage personal budgets from the comfort of their mobile phones.

These developments are strategic for the SME Platform Project as it will help to strengthen the confidence of the investing community in the desire/efforts of the team to make the dream put forth by them a reality.

The team is also in the process of bringing on board several seasoned team members and advisors to aid with the seamless execution of the vision. Some of these will coincide with the attainment of a few of the milestones we have outlined within the newly released updated roadmap.

Also, with the recent change in listing rules by CoinMarketCap, we have sent an application to them and we expect to get listed on CoinMarketCap soon.

SME Platform Token is currently priced very low, which means a huge price jump is underway. We appreciate the holders of our token and we congratulate them ahead of time.

See our wallet on Google Play

SME Platform Token (SME) is traded on!/trade/SME-ETH

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